Project Finance Service

Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which a project debt and equity used to finance the project is paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.

Project finance is often confused with corporate finance, but the two are structurally different. Unlike corporate finance, where a company can directly raise funds from equity and debt, in project finance, the company which invests equity (usually known as sponsor), forms a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which manages the funds procurement and management of the specific project. We help in syndicating Credit facilities from Nationalize banks, Private Banks, Foreign banks and NBFC’s with optimizing cost of capital, identifying the funds required, preparation of Project Report, CMA Data, discussion with banks & private financer and filing of various documents required for loan.

Stages of Project Finance:

  • Project viability and feasibility studies
  • Advising and hand holding services to start-up ventures
  • Due diligence reporting
  • Valuation of enterprise
  • Structuring planning for private Equity and IPO
  • Funding through banks and Financial Institutions
  • Foreign Funding including FDI and ECB
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